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    Desperately looking for apple juice. Peregine is 38 bucks per litre. That's insane

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    My latest find is Euroberry. The have a branch down in the Cape.

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    Awesome thanks

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    Hi Erhardt i just bought cold pressed apple and pear juice. 15 bucks a litre at GIANT discount wholesalers. The brand is called Wilde juices. Im sure you can get some up there. 100% no preservative

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    Try Schoeman boerdery in Groblersdal.

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    I buy frozen marula pulp at granor pasi. However, minimum order is 180kg

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    Sorry to bring up this old thread, but is there any newer info on places to get pure juices? Ideally in or around Pretoria or Gauteng

    I like making ciders and fermented drinks, but the juice is a pain. I blend the fruit after I cut out the bad bits, the filter the solids out. There has to be a place where one can buy fresh juices with nothing added. I will phone Schoeman Boerdery this morning

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    I have noticed that today most cider lovers use concentrated juices to make the process easier.

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