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    Ok thanks, so there are a few formulas.
    I will stick to the formula my application uses as it is the formula that has been used after nearly 130 brews.
    My perception of bitterness is based on this formula.
    Exactly ! One needs to get familiar with the IBU value you software or calculations give you and your taste buds in order to achieve to some perceived bitterness consistency.

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    To be honest I have rather lost faith in the IBU scales. I can buy 2 craft beers of similar stated IBUs and they don't seem similar at all. Obviously there is some aging influence as well, but I feel it's less of a 'perceived bitterness' and more of a 'actual bitterness' that can be masked by carbonation, aromas, body and sweetness. IMO.

    Even the serving temp sometimes has a huge effect on how bitter a beer tastes to me.
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    Ibu is flawed, hence bu:gu or rbr. Its easy to make a lowish ibu beer bitter by having an unbalanced grainbill. I have a recipe for a double ris which is over 100 ibu, but only a 0.5 or 0.6 bugu ratio...

    Highly carbonated beer can also increase perceived bitterness (carbonic acid) so many places overcarb their beer is a joke.

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    Made a SMASH just over a year ago.
    IBU:OG = 1.4
    IBU's = 80

    Yes it was quite bitter but still enjoyed it.
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    I'm thinking of brewing a lighter beer for a change. Thinking of a Belgian Blonde (seeing that there was so much talk about blondes lately) anyway, bought excess malts and hops yesterday in fear of a hard lockdown coming up.
    Going to shelf the VOSS - not sure if that is my favourite.

    So, I got a packet of Safale T58 and BE134 for Belgian styles beer. I have not used any of these before - and they can both handle high-isch fermentation temps. Question really is, which one of the 2 would you guys recommend?

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    Never used T-58
    Have used BE-134 for saisons due to its very high attenuation (88% - 92%). However it is quite fruity and should work well with Belgain styles, especially those with higher OG.
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    Saisons .. Mmmmm Not done that style yet.

    I don't have all the hops varieties, tho have others to pick from.

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    I usually use T58 for some of my saisons ... it gives a peppery taste to the brew

    I've even used it for some Eng + Merican Pales

    Never used BE134
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    I see that B134 is used for Saisons and T58 for al dem damn blondes.

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    Having a moment of too much thinking ..
    I like US05 - clean , then Voss .. rough round the edges. Though Voss leaves a nice full bodied beer - then one quickly gets enough of after a couple .. and us05 one get bored of after a couple.
    MMmm (creating vaccine .. ) Would something like 25% voss and 75% us05 exist -or will the Voss be more aggressive - veness of the voss just consume the us05? uu .. .you see ? .. too uch

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