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    If I use this method I would still be bottling, which means I would just need to rack from keg to bottling bucket.
    But at this point you are in licking distance of a full kegging setup, so you know...
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    I'm brewing this weekend. Will be racking another batch of mead and attempting to clarify with Zeolite this weekend. Also have plans for tomorrow morning, want to brew up another one of those Vienna lagers I made last time. I have a better thermometer now, so I'm hoping for better success.

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    I've not been able to log on for a week now. Only got on this time due to a notification. Feel like if been missing out! anyway only bottling this weekend. Finally. After a week long cold crash

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    Same here, stoked that tapatalk is working again!

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    Had the same issues all week... Bottling a Pale Ale, and busy working on the Irish Red recipe that I want to brew

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    Finally bottled. Got to a fairly dry 1.008.
    Stil only a 4.1 abv. Not low alc but the taste test was really refreshing

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    Some feedback on Walts Malts, I ran a step mash and my efficiency spiked from 65% to 71%
    15min @ 63C
    ramped up over some time , cant say how long as I was back in bed during this
    75min @ 68C
    no mashout, sparged with 75C water and 1 liter less than called for (helped)

    It's good news, however I adjusted my recipe to the crappy efficiency I got last brew, not a major problem. IBU dropped a few units and bu:gu dropped, but still in style for a New Zealand Pilsner.

    Yeast pitched and in the chamber, all in all a fun brew day.
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    Brewed a Festbier with the Harties club yesterday. My first lager.

    50% Munich
    33% Vienna
    12% Pils
    5% Cara 1

    Hallterauer as bittering, splash of Southern Passion @ 10 mins

    We will see what it is like in 4 weeks. Wort tasted sublime. And the efficiency was spot on.

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    Who's brewing this weekend? I'm doing my first attempt at a red ale, Willamette and East Kent tomorrow, will mash in late, damn loadshedding shite. Although we were promised no load shedding, I don't trust it.

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    Taking a break this weekend to concentrate on the quarter final games
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